Are bats rodents?

Bats can bring in lots of nuisances to human beings. Due to the same reason, some of the people tend to call bats as rodents. You need to be mindful about this. In fact, you must be reading this article in order to verify the fact whether bats can be categorized under rodents or not.

Bats cannot be included under the category of rodents. In fact, the bats are not even closely related to rodents. From numerous experiments conducted in the past, it has been identified that bats are related to numerous other mammals, including yes, apes and monkeys. Based on that, it is even possible to conclude that bats are related to human beings as well.

It is a well-known fact that bats belong to the category of mammals. On the other hand, they are having a backbone, a four chambered heart and a complex brain. The bats have mammary glands and hair similar to humans. In fact, all the nine different mammal yards can be found in bats. You can find many different variations among bats who live out there in the world. In fact, over a thousand different bats are living out there. However, these thousand species contribute only towards 25% of the mammals that you can find out there in the world. The remaining 75% are capable of flying.

Most of the mammals that you can find out there in the world are not capable of flying. However, bats are blessed with the ability to fly. They are masters in the art of flying. Due to the same reason, it is a common sight to see how most of the people tend to get confused about bats as birds. However, you cannot categorize bats under bids. They have evolved from the birds and you can find numerous differences between the birds and bats. You can therefore categorize bats under a biological order of their own.

One of the most prominent differences that you can find in between bats and birds is that they are capable of discovering their own way at the time of navigating. You must have heard some people say that bats are blind. This fact is not true at all. You just need to keep in mind that bats are not using their vision in order to see. They are using echolocation in order to detect the obstacles that they can find in the surroundings and reach the destinations. In other words, the bats are capable of releasing a highly pitched sound. This high pitch sound can create echoes. These echoes can deliver assistance for the bats to navigate and reach to the destination.

These echoes can be heard when you have bats living in the attic. Due to the same reason, you will tend to call them a nuisance as well. However, you cannot call bats as rodents because of these noises that they make and because of the other traits that they have.

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